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Why McLaren Applied is the only choice


Why McLaren Applied is the only choice

Finding talented Software Engineers in Singapore isn’t difficult, there’s plenty. Finding Engineers that are brave enough to accept a challenge of a lifetime, that’s the tricky part.

McLaren Applied is a completely unique and rare proposition for Engineers. We’re not a social media platform. We don’t provide banking services. Instead, we apply advanced Formula 1-derived technology in industries as diverse as Healthcare and Public Transport.

These are cutting-edge projects which are helping Singapore achieve its Smart Nation objectives.

Our offering

Since we set up our Asia Pacific headquarters in 2013, the team has grown rapidly. The attraction to McLaren Applied has been the variety of exciting projects to get stuck in to.

Our Singapore office is recruiting for Java & C# Engineers
Our Singapore office is recruiting for Java & C# Engineers

Our projects are mammoth challenges which push the limits of human ingenuity, and we understand that not everybody wants to face that challenge. The Engineers who have joined us are thriving in our high-performance environment, and are constantly being challenged every day. 

A question I regularly ask prospective candidates is: ‘do you really want be part of the change in Singapore?’ ‘Do you want to help your country achieve its SMART nation concept?’ If they do, I ask candidates for a few things in return:

Our expectations


We’re a fast-paced organisation, so you will need to learn quickly. You can get ahead of the game by doing plenty of research about who we are, what we do in Healthcare and Public Transport, our technologies, and how we work. A tip is to start your research on our website. Although some of the more secretive projects aren’t on there yet…


You need more than a technical knowledge to work at McLaren Applied. You need to be passionate about what you do. Our projects have a positive impact on real people, so it’s important that you feel passionate about your work.

Immerse yourself in projects you're passionate about
Immerse yourself in projects you're passionate about

I also want to hear about your personal projects; that app you built in your spare time or that piece of software which took you months to build. These are all talking points which helps me understand what drives you and where your interests lie.


Not only will you have the opportunity to work alongside like-minded engineers in Singapore, you will also work closely with our teams in London which will give you a fresh perspective on ways of working. 

You will also work with our partners which include train operators, healthcare companies and more, which will give you fantastic exposure to the commercial side.

Desire to learn

We recognise the benefits of higher education but as you progress in your career, often your commercial experience becomes more important. Saying that, we understand that you won’t know about some of the technologies and IP we have at McLaren, therefore it’s essential you have the desire to learn about new things. 

So, the challenge is there for you. Do you have the ambition, skill and desire to help Singapore?

Apply here to join our team.

To learn more about our team in Singapore, click here.

Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest news and exciting developments at McLaren Applied. 

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