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McLaren Applied works at the intersection of technology, data and human ingenuity to deliver quantifiable performance advantage to four key sectors undergoing large-scale disruptive change; Motorsport, Automotive, Public Transport and Health.

Whatever we apply ourselves to at McLaren, whether in the fields of racing, supercars or technology; we are committed to a journey of relentless improvement that challenges convention, disrupts markets and delivers powerful competitive advantage.

Drawing on a 30-year heritage leading the digital transformation of motorsport through electronics and data systems, we now develop transformative products and solutions that harness our expertise in electronic systems, electric drive, telemetry, software, sensor technology, simulation, predictive analytics, and design.


Motorsport is in our DNA. We have been pioneering electronic systems and software for three decades. Our products provide teams with the competitive advantage they need to win.

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From class leading safety critical control systems to accelerating the industry's drive towards electrification and significantly reducing the cost and time of vehicle development through simulation, our products empower automakers to create differentiation and seize competitive advantage.

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In the public transport sector, we deliver advantage by maximising connectivity, availability and utilisation. We take a unique approach to create inspired outcomes not just for the manufacturer or operator but ultimately for the passenger.

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Harnessing the sensor and data analysis capabilities developed in Formula 1, we create digital therapeutic solutions that optimise and personalise treatment for better clinical outcomes. We also apply this technology platform to enhance human performance in high intensity professions, elite athletes and racing drivers.

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Creative as well as technically excellent, our diverse group of experts are adept across multiple specialisms, and work at multiple locations around the world. In addition to our base at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, we have locations in central London, Singapore and North America.

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