McLaren Applied

Achieving quantifiable breakthroughs in performance through the unique application of data science


Achieving quantifiable breakthroughs in performance through the unique application of data science

As architects of meaningful change, we guide industries forward by developing world-class products and holistic, scalable solutions that harness our expertise in telemetry, control and analytics; virtual product development; and electrification.

We work at the intersection of technology, data and human ingenuity to redefine what’s possible and are committed to a journey of relentless improvement that challenges convention, transforms markets and delivers powerful competitive advantage.

For over 30 years we have led the digital transformation of motorsport through electronics and data systems, and now also develop innovative technologies that drive positive, sustainable change in automotive, transport, health and beyond.

From mastering the virtual world to enhance product design, to harnessing data-driven insights captured by advanced control systems and accelerating the charge towards an electrified future, our people are driven by data and take an uncompromising approach to design and technology to empower you with products which deliver superior performance and relentless reliability.

Telemetry, Control and Analytics

Our sensing, connectivity, and highly customised real-time control and compute systems enable us to derive clear and robust insights, so you can understand complex environments, improve decision making and reduce development time.


We are accelerating the drive to an electrified and sustainable future. By developing scalable electrification products for all mobility solutions, as well as safety-critical systems in energy storage and power delivery, we empower you with hybrid and electric systems that push the boundaries of performance.

Virtual Product Development

We deliver extraordinary performance by creating digital twins which are so accurate that they are trusted as the master of the real. By deriving detailed insight on people, assets and systems, we can help you understand complex environments, optimise operational decision-making, and undertake the data-driven design of products and solutions. Our cutting-edge virtual engineering tools put you in control of product development, giving you the freedom to innovate and differentiate.

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