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McLaren Applied Technologies

McLaren Applied Technologies

Technology is the lifeblood of the McLaren Technology Group. Formula 1 racing is as much a battle of engineering expertise and technology development, as it is a contest between the drivers on track. 

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Bob Sleigh

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McLaren Applied Technologies harnesses the significant R&D, technical expertise and innovative spirit that has kept McLaren at the pinnacle of elite motorsport for five decades.  It then applies this intellect and approach to improve the performance and product innovation of blue chip companies in other industries, addressing problems that other, often far larger companies, cannot overcome alone. Moreover, MAT can embed its people into its customers’ processes to bring about a fresh perspective - and even a cultural shift – alongside the project fulfilment.

The company has expertise in: data collection and analysis; simulation and decision support; high performance design and engineering, and the development and manufacture of world class electronic control systems.  McLaren Applied Technologies will often draw on a number of these disciplines to take on the toughest projects or produce ultra-high performance products.

McLaren Applied Technologies works in a range of industries, often totally unrelated to motorsport or automotive, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy, transportation and consumer brands. The company has grown rapidly: it has been profitable since its inception and now employs over 250 people in three countries. There are ambitious targets for the company to achieve future growth.

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