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Corporate Social Responsibility

McLaren Technology Group is dedicated to research and development; constantly innovating to win races, develop the world’s most technologically advanced cars and add value to our global blue-chip technology partners.

However, we also believe that advanced engineering has a critical role to play in addressing problems that the world faces, and our depth of intelligence in this area has enabled us to set challenging corporate social responsibility goals. We recognise the unique role that we can play as a company with an extremely talented workforce, an innovative approach to technology and a strong global brand. We therefore focus our activity upon three core areas:

The environment

McLaren strives to have a positive effect upon the environment where possible, reduce our negative impact when required and develop new sustainable technologies.

Advanced engineering has a critical role to play in addressing problems that the world faces.


To continue innovating, McLaren and high technology companies like us need the brightest and best minds to pursue science, technology, engineering and maths. We seek to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers by participating in impactful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education campaigns, while providing high quality employment and training for our staff.

Opportunity through innovation

By investing significantly in R&D we are able to develop new technologies which improve efficiency and contribute to the enhanced performance of critical industries including healthcare, energy and transportation. In turn, we endeavour to support economic growth and opportunity.

We believe in setting challenging targets, monitoring progress and delivering continuous improvement. This translates across our entire business, as we use performance data to drive ourselves on and ensure we are meeting our objectives.

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McLaren Group - Committed to Sustainability

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